The Soho Factory needed only a few years to become one of the most characteristic places not only of the Praga district, but the entire capital city. This creative, post-industrial zone is a perfect of example of a successful merger of a residential area that helps its inhabitants to quiet down with a charming atmosphere of a historic Kamionek.

Following its re-development, the complex of former factory buildings has turned into an exceptional place. Now it is not only a business and a culture hub, but it provides the possibility to manage commercial areas in a non-standard manner. Restaurants, cafes, architects’ ateliers, fashion boutiques and stores offering designer accessories, the unique Neon Museum, and even a theatre and a tattoo studio – only here artists can accomplish projects and ideas that could not be realised elsewhere. The Soho Factory, famous for the acclaimed fashion shows, non-mainstream events, picnics, bazaars and training, trade events and concerts of both popular and niche performers attracts people, who want to get away from daily routines. It is exactly the location where daring plans meet actual possibilities. The outcome is a unique atmosphere of creative work merged with top-level entertainment.


The residents of Soho Factory appreciate a well-developed infrastructure of the close neighbourhood and of the complex itself. Soho Factory comprises both commercial premises and fashion boutiques and stores, as well as restaurants and cafes recommended by the Warsaw residents, and popular cultural facilities. Nearby there are also schools, kindergartens and shops.

Once they cross the gate, the residents and visitors of the Soho Factory are only a few minutes away from the vast recreation areas. The neighbouring Skaryszewski and Praski Parks, as well as the Kamionkowski Canal make this vicinity – despite the proximity of a bustling city – an excellent place to chill out and rest after a long day at work.

The straight-line distance between the Soho Factory and the Palace of Culture and Science is only 4 km, and buses and trams stopping nearby ensure convenient means of transport to the city centre. Warszawa Wschodnia (Warsaw East) railway station is only 500m away from the Soho Factory and it provides regular departures of S2 Line of the Fast Suburban Train, which goes to the Okęcie Airport – it is an ideal solution for frequently travelling business people.


The Soho Factory is only 4 km away from the Palace of Culture and Science (straight-line distance).

Warszawa Wschodnia (Warsaw East) railway station is only 500m away.

The housing estate has got convenient connection with the Okęcie Airport. With the S2 Line of the Fast Suburban Train, one can reach the airport in only 35 minutes. The nearby underground line (M2), with the stop at the National Stadium allows fast access to the city centre.

A well-developed infrastructure: the proximity of stores, shopping malls and cultural facilities, restaurants and schools responds to the daily needs of the residents and ensures high standard of living.


The Soho Factory, as the only complex of that kind, perfectly merges the charm of landscaped areas with a historic industrial architecture from the turn of the XIXth and the XXth centuries. All these elements make up a unique object, which gives incredible possibilities for adaptation, arrangement and management. The post-industrial surroundings of the Soho Factory at the Warsaw Kamionek district allow the residents to breathe freely and to get away from the hard concrete surfaces of the city centre. Almost 8 ha of a beautiful, green zone along with the neighbouring picturesque Skaryszewski Park (covering 58 ha!), ensure proper relax after a hard day at work.

Presented visualisations and models of buildings are purely illustrative. The outlook of buildings and the landscaped areas may slightly change in the development process. Changes shall not apply to significant characteristics and the functionality of buildings.