The all-Poland PZFD Contest for the Best Residential Design 2012-¬2015

The jury awarded to Soho Factory prizes in the following categories:

1. Ist place in the „Multi-family building” category for the Kamion Cross investment at the Soho Factory;

2. IIIrd place in the „Best re-development project” category for the Rebel One building at the Soho Factory;

3. The Journalists’ Prize for the Rebel One building at the Soho Factory.

Soho Factory in the ranking of TOP 10 residential estates in Poland!
Once again, Soho Factory proved that the residential estate does not have to denote blocks of apartments made from pre-fabricated elements or the commonness of banal shapes. The unique design of Rebel One and Kamion Cross buildings was appreciated by the architectural portal the Soho Factory has been classified among TOP 10 residential estates in Poland!

Presented visualisations and models of buildings are purely illustrative. The outlook of buildings and the landscaped areas may slightly change in the development process. Changes shall not apply to significant characteristics and the functionality of buildings.