Verbel, the latest residential investment in the Soho Factory area designed by the acclaimed WWAA atelier, is a unique project compared not only to the offer of Warsaw-based developers. It stands out in the complex itself thanks to the eye-catching golden façade, merged in a daring design with bold patterns. This spectacular building of apartments boldly enters the capital city market and reminds with great confidence that a residential building can be a work of art, too.


A minimalist, geometric shape of the building, with richly decorated loggias are the evidence of courage and the visionary approach of its authors. Perfect proportions and the eye-catching golden tint make up an intriguing mosaic of inspirations, with intertwined varied points of reference.

The investment – To live. To work. To be.

Luxury, daring vision and perfect execution – these are the associations that come to your mind, when you think about Verbel. It denotes prestige with a hint of nonchalance and it is an offer addressed to the most demanding individuals, who look for an ideal space to work, to rest and to live in. Verbel promises comfort and high standard of living – it is an exceptional proposal for those, who strive for perfection.


The avant-garde Verbel has not only got a unique architectural design, but it also offers very functional interiors that guarantee living comfort to the residents.

The selection of apartments offered by this investment is really vast – the future residents can choose among 63 apartments situated on 11 floors: from comfortable and functional 1-room flats (from 30 m2 up), to 4- and even 5-room, spacious apartments of the area up to 107 m2. Large balconies and loggias as well as the main lobby of the building clearly differentiate Verbel’s design from other investments.

Presented visualisations and models of buildings are purely illustrative. The outlook of buildings and the landscaped areas may slightly change in the development process. Changes shall not apply to significant characteristics and the functionality of buildings.